2010 The Year in Numbers (and accomplishments)

ONE official taco truck ride
1st time riding in Detroit, Chattanooga, South Carolina
3rd GAP ride
3rd Oglebay Christmas lights ride
Triple D Challenge finisher (UDM ride, Beat the Train, Tour de Troit)

13 degrees (HATTARICK ride in January 2010)
40 Tuesday Night Rides
55 (Paw Paw Double Nickel Ride)

85 organized rides

126 mile trek on National Road to Wheeling

1st 200k (126 mile) brevet

160 lbs of beer carried on Frankenbike
230 miles on TOSRV
400 (almost) participants for Bike the C-Bus

Personal Mileage

3842 Miles on Lemond Poprad
493 Miles on Klein road bike
4335 Miles total


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