As seen at Performance Bikes (Schwinn World Explorer for $999)

The specs for this bike are impressive for the price of $999 (And additional 11% off until 01/02/2011)

The price at the pump? Not a worry when you have the Schwinn World Adventure Commuter Bike. It's the swift, agile utility vehicle that deftly navigates the roads without shelling out at the pump - or getting snared in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Strap your briefcase on the rear rack, snag a baguette at the bakery and smile at all those folks stuck in traffic as you roll by. 

  • Schwinn N'Litened Gold Label aluminum frame and fork with Bio Tuned geometry delivers a lightweight, strong and stiff ride
  • Sporty, Shimano Alfine drivetrain gives you extra comfort, control and sporty style while riding
  • Shimano RapidFire shifters paired with an 8-speed internal rear hub offer a wide range of gear options
  • Bio Tuned handlebar, dual-density grips and saddle put you in the right position for premium comfort
  • Avid Juicy hydraulic disc brakes provide low maintenance, all-weather stopping power in any condition
  • Vittoria Randonneur tires with reflective sidewalls use Ultra Shielding to resist punctures
  • Shimano Alfine wheels roll you comfortably to your destination
  • Front headlight gives you a clear view of what's ahead
  • Full fenders and chain cover keep your ride clean, dry and eliminate "spray" in wet conditions
  • Aluminum rear rack holds all your extra gear
  • Handlebar bell lets everyone know you're out on the road