Bamboo Fenders from ClankWorks

For those looking for the best of both bamboo varieties, loves stripes, or just enjoys a darned good looking bamboo fender, Clank Plank Stripe was made for you. Building on the same form and size as the traditional Plank, Stripe introduces alternating bands of light and dark bamboo. The striped apperance is carried through the stratum of the fender as well, with the center two layers contrasting with the inner and outer layers.
The mounting bracket can be specified to either bend up or down, depending on your frame and mounting style/preference. The center stripe is approximately 1/5 of an inch wide, with the two adjoining stripes being 1/3 of an inch. The outermost bands will vary from fender to fender due to hand made craftsmanship, but averages a bit under a half inch. The color selected refers to the color of the bamboo on the outer most stripes on the top, as well as the color that will be on the bottom wheel side as well.


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