Behold, the Kamp-Rite BUSHTREKKA

Take a closer look at the BUSHTREKKA and you will find a product that has been developed specifically for bicycle touring. The trailer frame itself has features that set it apart from any other trailer on the market.
Take for example the pivoting wheelset. By utilising two wheels under each side of the trailer, harnessed to a pivoting rocker frame, the trailer can easily absorb most of the uneven terrain in its environment. Additional to this, each set of wheels operates independently of the other, creating a clutter free underbelly on the trailer. By adjusting the positioning of each pivot frame vertically, the ride height of the unit can be adjusted for bikes from 20" up to 29".
Storage is also at a maximum for this trailer. By using every piece of available space, we've created three main storage compartments with over 41 gallons (180 litres) of storage. Easy access at all times, even when set up, ensures you have what you need, when you need it.
Our trailer also features fully adjustable levelling jacks to ensure no matter what terrain your setting up on, the unit can be presented to a horizontal position for sleeping comfort.
Couple the trailer with the remarkable features of the Oversize or Original Tentcot and you are seriously set to travel. The TentCot conventienly folds away atop the trailer with its own waterproof cover to suit.
There is nothing else quite like this trailer. It is the bicycle tourists best companion.
Dimensions of the "MIDGET BUSHTREKKA":

Specifications (mm)
USA Specification (in)
Bed Size: 
2200 L x 810 W
90" L x 32" W
Tent Size: 
2200 L x 810 W x 1000 H
90" L x 32" W x 40" H
Trailer Dimensions 
860 L x 1100 W x 200 H
35" W x 44" L x 8" H
26 kg
56 lbs

Standard Inclusions   
  • Fitted Waterproof Tent Rain Cover (Outside USA Only)
  • Waterproof "Hood" for TentCot whilst on the BUSHTREKKA

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