BikeCaffe! Should I buy one and get it going in Columbus?

While the BikeCaffe bikes (they're actually Quads), look small, they are packed a surprising amount of equipment and operational function, all on a frame small and light enough to ride off at the end of a day spent pleasing coffee lovers' hearts.
Without sharing our secrets, here is a list of the equipment and items skillfully installed on each BikeCaffe:
  • State of the Art Italian Espresso Lever Machine (to press espresso the way it was intended)
  • GPS Enabled Bike with Panic Button, Siren and Silent Alarm System (to notify Police, if needed)
  • Hand Wash Sink w/ hot & cold running water
  • Two 48 quart coolers - to carry ice, milk, fresh fruit and smoothie mixes
  • Fresh Water Tank
  • Waste Water Tank
  • Deep Cycle Battery Bank
  • Electric Inverter w/ 4 110v outlets (to power the Quad and charge your iphone!)
  • Water Pump
  • Propane Tank (for green heat)
  • Food Display
  • Syrup Speedrail Rack
  • Interchangeable Menu Boards
  • Optional Awning Lighting System
  • Rain & Sun Awnings
  • In- Counter Programmable Blender
  • High Pressure Blender Jug Cleaning System
  • In-Counter Cup Dispensers
  • Geared Hub System - for effortless riding
  • Tubless Kevlar Tires - no flats!
  • Cups & Lids
  • Syrups
  • Coffee
  • Napkins
  • Snacks


  1. Short Answer: Yes.

    Longer Answer: Would be worth doing the math around a rig like this, since I wonder what *could* be your total gross profit in a single stocking of this cart. And is that enough to warrant a morning's shift/use of the cart? I do think this would be a better bike business than the bike cabs currently in C-bus. Granted, I love the idea of the bike cabs, but this seems more promising.

  2. I agree (yes), but at this time I am not in the position to jump into something like this. If we were double income I would look at this as a weekend/event cart to start. I'm sure the franchiser has profit/loss numbers available to franchisees.


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