DeWine's assistance not enough for bicyclist who collided with car [via Dispatch]

Monday, January 24, 2011  11:29 PM

The Columbus Dispatch

In Mike DeWine's first week as Ohio attorney general, his car collided with a bicyclist Downtown - and he ended up having the man taken on a 100-mile round trip to be treated by the officeholder's personal physician.
Jonathan Kirk, 28, a dishwasher at Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, wasn't seriously injured, but he was shaken up in the Jan. 13 morning accident.
According to a Columbus police report, confirmed by accounts from DeWine and Kirk, Kirk rode his bicycle against a red light at Front and Main streets [my emphasis]. He was knocked to the pavement by a 2008 Chrysler 300 in which DeWine was a passenger. A DeWine staff member, Robert Lagergren, was driving DeWine's personal car.
Kirk, who said he has no insurance because he can't afford it, didn't want to go to a hospital emergency room and left the scene to make a scheduled appointment with his parole officer.
However, DeWine tracked him down and insisted that he see a doctor.

Editor's Note: It is disappointing to see that a cyclist who broke the law act like this. Keep reading the story and let me know your thoughts.


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