Don't want to pedal to the top of mountain? Get an Ego Kit!

E-powered Kit for downhill bikes

At the beginning there was the downhill track, but shortly after there was the question: How do we get up again? Not willing to stick with cable cars, the young downhillers from Ego-Kits looked for a solution to bring their heavy bikes back up the hill.

The problem was solved by applying an e-powered engine to the bikes, that offers enough power to drive the rider back up the trail. The intelligent construction with the engine can be attached to 70% of commercially available downhill bikes and turns your normal bike into a true uphill machine.

The power comes from a high performance battery pack that offers 1200 watt, which is carried in a backpack and therefore does not change the ride dynamic of your bike. More power means more time on the trails. Only you and your Ego.

[ego-kits website]


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