Gearlocks - Dedicated to the Enhancement of Bicycle Security

From the website:

Gearlocks is the newest way to provide security to bicycles under many kinds of conditions for many users.  The locking system can be mounted to existing structures such as bicycle racks, hand railings, sign posts, walls, or even be used as a portable device.  It can be used by a single user or by a series of different users, always with the same ease and security. 

Our "patent pending" cable design is made to eliminate the vulnerability that typical bicycle cables have to being easily cut.  Our proprietary cable utilizes a layer of pinch resistant fabric (Kevlar from DuPont) outside of the strength cable core and an alarm trigger that is exterior to the layering.  The cable system is designed to activate the alarm during the first part of a cutting attempt with the multiple layering to eliminate the ease of cutting through in one quick cut attempt.  You must experience our hybrid cable system before discounting this product.  The beauty of this early activation alarm design is the activation of the alarm can be used to do any number of activities including page security, engage audible alarm tones, turn on surrounding lighting, engage a still or video camera system to document the event, text the bicycle owner as to the event, send an email out notifying the member community, etc..... all while deterring the completion of the theft.  

Gearlocks is also currently being developed to used as an inexpensive bike-share system.  Our ability to network into your current IT infrastructure or provide a completely independent and wireless system will ensure an adequate solution will be available to you at the most competitive rate in the industry.  Our system allows for any bicycle to be used, creating more options to suit your demographics.

Being used as a stationary-mount bicycle locking system, Gearlocks can provide mutiuser access for community use.  An electronically controlled, retractable cable locking system, Gearlocks is alarm activated to further deter theft.  We also also have several designs for rack systems containing Gearlocks and outdoor advertising space creatively connected to allow advertisers to support the cost of ownership.

Gearlocks can also be purchased as handheld portable units for security enhancement in situations such as tool storage on job sites, camping gear left around the campsite while out recreating, boating supplies, gear in the bed of a pickup, patio furniture, and even power equipment such as dirt bikes and four-wheelers.  This unit can be bolted on the front wall of stores to secure outdoor display items such as bicycles, snowblowers, lawnmowers, barbeques, and more.

With this versatile product, the sky is the limit and enhanced security is the priority in locations that usually don't have adequate options available.

[gearlocks website]


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