The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

Kenton - Marion - Delaware - London - Bellefontaine

GOBA 23: Let's put all the pieces together! And what do you get? A picture that gradually takes shape over eight days. First, you see the 50-mile-long spectacle of people riding all sorts of bicycles and from places both near and far-flung. Next, you explore the countryside, drinking in the perfume of a summer day along with the tickled-pink realization that you are up to the challenge. Gather in the bushels of impressions, from the neat Amish farms to the splendid castles.
Wrap it up with a generous dose of hospitality from the communities along the way. You'll find that greater central Ohio brings it all together for you in GOBA-23. To get started, browse the website using the links above, view our brochure[pdf], or go straight to the registration page.
GOBA is a project of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, a volunteer-based participatory organization created to provide opportunities and education for outdoor recreation and activities


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