HATTARICK 2011 Ride Recap - 01082011

3 riders
30 miles
22-24 degrees F
Headwind from NW
2 Bald Eagles
2 albino geese in a flock of 50+ flying around Athens
Cycle-Path stop

The drive down to Nelsonville was slower than normal because of the snow, but by the time I considered turning around I was halfway there. And, I figured that on the way back the roads would be clear and so I continued on to Nelsonville. When I pulled into the lot I saw Rick's car and then Andrew pulled in. Just three this year, and Pete and Marty didn't make it either, which was a bummer.

Riding in the clear cold
In 2010, the temperature was 13 degrees for most of the ride and we stopped midway to Athens in Eclipse and had brunch at Jana's because everybody was cold. For the 2011 edition of HATTARICK, I planned for the weather. I decided to add another layer over my wind proof bibs and I ended up having a double chamois. I wore wool socks under my neoprene boots and used hand warmers in my gloves. Up top I wore two thin layers, my winter jacket and added a rain jacket that would keep in the heat and turn the inside of the jacket into a rain forest. (see pics)  I borrowed a second balaclava from Rick.

Andrew, Rick, Ray
The trail was snow covered from Nelsonville to Athens and the temperature made the snow pliable without any ruts from walkers. In the Eclipse area the damage from the tornadoes in the fall were evident from the sheared trees (see pics) and the damage to Jana's which forced them to close. Another restaurant across the street recently closed as well. As we traveled down the trail in Athens two bald eagles and a flock of geese flew over, including two albino geese. Rick decided to ride the hill on campus that turned out to be 19% grade.

Burrito platterFor lunch we ate at Casa Nueva with Andrew's daughter. The ingredients are all locally sourced and seasonal. Great food and service. Before heading out of town we stopped at Cycle Path to look around. The ride back on the trail was more of a chore because of the headwind. The addition of the Nokian studded tires helped out tremendously. Rick slid off the trail at least 7 times and had a spill at an intersection  .

[pics here]


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