Metroparks allows 24 hour trail access to commuters [from Tricia Kovacs]

Yesterday I learned that Franklin county Metroparks allows commuter and transportation cyclists to use the Greenways trails 24 hours. Here’s the text of the Metroparks Rules & Regulations:
22.2 Greenway Trails shall remain open at all times to allow commuting and transportation uses. Persons shall not operate motorized vehicles including electric personal assistive mobility devices on Greenway trails, except Park employees or emergency service personnel in the performance of their official duties or except as necessary for transportation by persons with disabilities.
I verified this with Larry Peck, Deputy Director, and he responded that I should share this with other cyclists. Only the trails (not the parks) are open to commuter/transportation cyclists off hours. I believe that this rule went into effect on August 1, 2010, and I’m sorry that it wasn’t publicized more widely. Did anyone else know? I am so impressed with the Metroparks willingness to accommodate cyclists and their responsiveness to our suggestions.
Larry also asked me to share the following rules:
22.4 All traffic signs shall be obeyed, and control and reasonable speed for the amount of traffic, weather conditions, trail design, and other factors shall be maintained by Persons using bicycles, rollerblades, rollerskates, and similar forms of locomotion. Such Persons shall yield right of way to pedestrians and an audible warning must be sounded when passing other trail users.
18.2 Trail Regulations Persons shall obey all traffic control signs, lane markings, devices, and posted operational policies on trails.
Larry asked that cyclists please follow the “reasonable speed” rule for the conditions, and obey all traffic signs and posted policies.
You can read the entire Rules & Regulations document here:
If you’re unsure which trails are maintainted by Metroparks (as I was), it’s clearly stated here:
I had been requesting that this topic be added to the agenda of the T&PC bicycle subcommittee, and it sure would have been more productive if Metroparks representatives (and Columbus Recreation & Parks, and MORPC and other organizations) were on the committee.
Brent Nimmo, if you want to ride Alum Creek trail after hours, you have Metroparks blessing. All, please spread the word to other cyclists.


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