Rapha announces a bike line!

Beginning January 2011 and for the next two years, Rapha has partnered with four masters of framebuilding to offer four distinct, hand-made bicycles. Each partner has been selected because of the mastery of their craft and passion for road cycling. With each partner we have created a model constructed uniquely for a particular style or purpose of riding:
The ‘Every Day’ from Beloved
Hand-built in Portland, OR by Chris King, this is the ideal bicycle for racing through the city.
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The ‘Continental’ from Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira
www.iraryancycles.com | www.pereiracycles.com
The perfect ‘go anywhere’ bicycle. Constructed for all surfaces and types of weather, this is the year-round racing and training bicycle.
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The Independent Fabrication ‘XS’
Long heralded as the utmost in performance and comfort. Proven again on the ‘Crazy Bet’ in 2008, the XS is the ultimate choice of any sportive rider.
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The Cinelli ‘XCR’
The choice of the Criterium racer. Fabricated with oversized Columbus XCR stainless tubing, this bicycle is made for diving fearlessly into corners.
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Each of these bicycles are unique to our partnership with the four builders and will be offered for no more than two years. The bicycles all share a Rapha color palette that has been interpreted by the makers. All boast a custom Rapha headbadge that was inspired by the serial plate of the Rapha H-Van.


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