The Slow Bicycle Movement

From the Slow Bicycle website:

First there was Slow Food and then Slow Travel, Slow Companies, Slow Planet, etc.

The time is ripe for Slow Bicycle.

We figure the Slow Bicycle Movement is all about the journey, not the destination. The destination is, invariably, a fixed geographical point which isn't going anywhere... [okay, sure, the tectonic plates are in constant movement but they are thankfully even slower than us]... so you're going to get there eventually and anyway.

It's about riding your bicycle. To work, to play. Casually, in a relaxed manner. With time to enjoy the self-propelled movement that you and you alone generate. And, of course, to look around and see the landscape - urban or not - that you pass by at your leisurely pace.

It's time to take cycling back and place it firmly in the category "normal way to get to work, to the shops, to the cinema". Indeed, "normal things to do". This is for those who enjoy the ride. There are a kabillion websites/forums/blogs out there for those who enjoying riding fast/competetively [couldn't be bothered spelling that right]/in lycra and gear/what have you. THIS is OUR place.

The Slow Bicycle Movement is a celebration of the bicycle. Not as a speed machine or a tool for tribal membership but merely as an enjoyable way to get around.

Only decades ago the bicycle was considered a normal way to get around. It still is in Denmark, Holland, Japan and many European cities but returning the bicycle to its rightful place as a feasible transport option in the rest of the world is a noble goal.

Of all the cyclists on the planet, the vast majority are, per definition, slow cyclists. So that's a great start.

The Slow Bicycle Movement. Founded 2008

[The Slow Bicycle Movement]


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