SP Carbon Bikes straight outta Manhattan

Editor's note: These frames look eerily like Pinarello bicycles. So my best guess is that they are purchasing the frames from the same Taiwanese manufacturers and adding their decals and details.

From their website:

Hello, Glad you found us. First off, we are not a bike store, with high school kids that just want to sell you something. We have a vested interest in seeing you get the best possible bike. We are small and need postive word of mouth to continue growing.

Who IS S.P.CARBON? A dedicated builder and growing group of riders. S.P. has been taking care of customers for over 10 years. Our new space has been located in downtown Manhattan's Tribeca waterfront district since June of 2009. We have created over 55 bicycles in the past year. We have many satisfied customers with solid testimonials available upon request.

* NEW SPCARBON bikes can now be ordered from Waterfront bike store on West st. Free test rides can also be arranged on weekends.

We have a private studio in Tribeca, Manhattan New York. We build by an appointment basis and choose who we work with very carefully. If you are the right customer, the right bike will be made for you. Its about solid performance and major savings over the typical bike store bank breaking prices. I mean come on, $10,000 for a bicycle... We often ask, for that price...Is there a motor in it ?

We have low overhead and tight margins. Compare the top models at the LBS and then get something much more unique from us for around half the price on the high end models. GET YOURSELF THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS MACHINE... SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. And to boot, its custom, fit just for you. We put you ahead of everything else.

A real commitment to service and excellent bikes. If you want really cheap bikes or really really expensive bikes, go to the LBS, if you want great value and a rolling work of art, call us at S.P.CARBON today. 12pm-10pm every day. CALL 1 646 306 2667 TO START YOUR OWN BIKE TODAY.


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