Speedfold riding wallet

Product Description: The SpeedFold is designed using Ballistic Nylon for toughness and a clear side for showing your ID when needed. The SpeedFold easily holds a bunch of cash, multitool, broken teeth, business and credit cards. It can also fit many of the popular phones and PDAs such as the iPhone(r) and BlackBerry(r). Since it is weather resistant it can go with you on the bike, ski slope, beach or anywhere you do not need a big old honking wallet or purse!This unit was initially designed for the Iphone3 size wise. It fits an Iphone4 without a case.The more the unit is used the more give it will have enabling more stuff to be added. This wallet is not designed to hold a phone AND Co2 cylinders or tons of stuff with a phone. It is designed to hold your essentials and than perhaps fit a phone/camera/PDA for weather conditions.

[beaker concepts]


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