Topeak Joe Blow Pro - Long Term Review

I purchased this pump from Performance Bike in 2007. I also have a Silca Pista pump, but the gauge was never accurate and it needed to be rebuilt (still needs to be rebuilt) so I looked at the Joe Blow Pro which seemed well built and was a mid priced model at $60.
The gauge is at the top of the pump and very easy to read.
Base is wide to stand on even with one foot.
Pumps tires quickly
Because the gauge is at the top it seems a little top heavy and falls over
The locking ring at the top of the pump loosens and loses air (very easily fixed by tightening, but still can be a nuisance when it sounds like your tire is leaking).
Mixed Reaction
The SmartHead is nice because you don't worry about switching any parts to pump Schrader or Presta valves. But, after three years the head basically stopped working and caused me to lose air pressure on the tire and without a backup would have been stuck. The good news is the entire hose assembly can be replaced simply by unscrewing the nut where it connects to the metal body.
I happened to stop by Performance Bike and asked if someone could look at the pump because I thought maybe I was overlooking something. They promptly replaced the pump with a new Topeak Joe Blow Pro. The only difference I see is the new SmartHead is using a steel insert instead of a brass insert.

JoeBlow™ Pro

Outstanding performance and super durability make JoeBlow™Pro a great seller. Perfect for shop or home use.
BarrelPolished Aluminum 
GaugeTop Mount Analog
Pressure TuningAir Release Button
HandleOversize Padded 
Capacity160 psi / 11 bar 
Added FeaturesBall/Bladder Heads
Dunlop Valve Adapter
Hose Dock
Size (L x W x H)11.9 x 25 x 73.4 cm
4.7” x 9.8”x 28.9”
Weight1.35 kgs / 2.98 lbs