Another Seagull, this time it's a century! Seagull Century

The Seagull Century is held each October in Salisbury, MD and was my introduction to century rides. I traveled with a group of friends from Pittsburgh for several years in a row before I moved to Columbus. The route is very flat because it is on the MD peninsula and it is a great ride because the weather is usually pretty warm, although rainy and at that point in the season a flat century is relatively easy. The 60 mile stop is on Assateague Island where the wild horses run free. Scroll down a little to see a couple years worth of my photos. I was 25lbs heavier which I have since lost from cycling. 

If you get a chance to do this ride, take it!

[Seagull Century website]

2004 Seagull Photos

2005 Seagull Photos


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