Pinchflat Call for Entries

What and Why

Wild Goose Creative, in partnership with Yay Bikes!Fulcrum Creatives, andJeremy Slagle Design, announces a call for entries to a bicycle-inspired poster show called Pinchflat. Posters will be displayed and sold at Wild Goose Creative (2491 Summit Street, Columbus) and starting with a poster party on Saturday, May 14, 2011 and continuing through June 17.
All posters will be created by artists in Columbus or central Ohio. Artwork included in the poster show will encourage bike riding, celebrate the art and craft of bikes, or invite thought about bikes as an important way to get around Columbus. Pinchflat is intended to be a fun, creative, celebratory approach to cycling.


Posters should be silkscreened or letterpressed and should measure at least 11x17 inches. Each poster should be designed to sell for $30 and will be displayed along with approximately 30 other posters. Artists will be responsible for having their artwork printed and delivered to Wild Goose Creative for exhibition and sale. Wild Goose Creative and Pinchflat will retain the right to handle sales of posters for the duration of the exhibition. 5% of proceeds will be retained by Wild Goose Creative and 5% of proceeds will be donated to Yay Bikes!


We suggest that you consider the following businesses for printing:
Don't have access to printing resources or can't front the money to have posters printed? Consider asking a friend or business with whom you have a relationship to sponsor your poster, investing money up-front that they will then make back when your posters sell. Poster sponsors will receive credit on title labels in the exhibition at Wild Goose Creative and will be noted on the Pinchflat Columbus website>.

How to Submit

You will be able to upload digital submissions via We will provide a submission tool for doing so prior to the opening submission date of February 15. Submissions will be accepted between February 15 and March 15.
Once a proof is submitted, notifications of show entry will be made by March 30. A run of 30 posters must be printed and delivered to Wild Goose Creative by May 1.


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