Rapha Rendezvous - meetup with other cyclists via iPhone app

Developed for road cyclists, Rapha Rendezvous has been designed to make meeting up for group rides easier. Invite other riders and observe them in real time making progress to the rendezvous point on a map. No more hanging around for friends, failed phone calls, SMS annoyances or scrolling hundreds of emails, Rapha Rendezvous makes meeting for rides quick and easy, giving you more time on the bike.
Update: After collating much of your feedback, which we are very grateful for, we are pleased to announce that Rapha Rendezvous 1.1 for iPhone is now available from the iTunes store: http://itun.es/iFS6CP
New in version 1.1.0
  • Simplified the UI
  • Repeat a ride function
  • Cancel rides function
  • Delete group function
  • Twitter, Facebook and Email integration
  • Leave a group function
  • Mark yourself as not riding
  • Fixed lots of bugs
  • Gave the app a shot in the arm
Rendezvous features:
  • Designate a rendezvous point on a map
  • Invite friends on rides
  • Track friends travelling to rendezvous point in real time
  • Create groups of your riding friends and rides for them
  • Describe ride distance, terrain, pace, and required kit
  • View other riders on ride
  • Set ride reminders
  • Send ride messages, easily alert other riders to delays or problems
  • Create private or public rides
  • Browse and join public rides
Whether you are looking for a training ride around London or a short spin in Portland you can connect, meet and ride with Rapha Rendezvous.


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