Shimano Dyna-Sys is an interesting idea.


Shimano has been making mountain bike drivetrains for more than three decades, including, eight generations of Shimano Deore XT, the original off-road drivetrain, and six generations of its flagship XTR group. Each generation is a reflection of the riding that defined the sport and the technology that defined the era. True to this legacy, our next-generation Dyna-Sys drivetrain brings with it the legendary quality, durability and performance Shimano is known for, all packaged to meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s riders.

Through Dynamic Systems Engineering, Dyna-Sys brings together the rider, the bike and the trail. Intuitive gear combinations account for how riders deliver power through the drivetrain; optimization around the 32-tooth Primary Driving Gear lets riders get the most out of modern suspension designs, and even the roughest, rockiest, muddiest trails can’t shake Shimano’s most stable off-road drivetrain to date.

Dyna-Sys is more than another batch of iterative improvements—it is a comprehensive redesign made up of a multitude of thoughtful details, features and revisions that together add up to more than the sum of their parts

Dyna-Sys technology makes shifting seamless and intuitive, enabling riders to deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining that delicate balance of traction and momentum control. Take a rider accustomed to a traditional 3x9 drivetrain and put them on a 3x10 Dyna-Sys drivetrain in a blind test, and that rider will be faster and more efficient around the same test track. Dyna-Sys delivers a more efficient gear, more of the time.

A wider-range 11-36 10-speed HG cassette means riders can climb further in their Primary Driving Gear—the 32-tooth chainring. When other riders have pulled the ripcord and drop into their granny gear, the Dyna-Sys equipped rider will still be motoring along in a more efficient gear without sacrificing momentum or traction. Furthermore, CloseStep front chainring gear ratios—42-32-24—make shifting smoother and faster. With Dyna-Sys, getting from the 24-tooth ring back into the middle ring—the Primary Driving Gear—is easier and more intuitive. Plus, a 42-tooth big-ring is more appropriate for the needs of today’s trail riders.

Traditionally, triple-ring riders have had to get used to making two to three recovery shifts in the rear every time they drop into their 22-tooth granny gear, complicating the downshift and killing momentum. With Dyna-Sys, the 36-tooth rear cog means the riders can stay in their Primary Driving Gear longer on the same climb, and when they do have to drop into granny, the system only requires one recovery shift, making the entire downshift process smoother and more efficient.

Suspension designers are well aware that riders spend the majority of their time in their 32-tooth Primary Driving Gear, and they have optimized their designs to work best in that gear. Dyna-Sys drivetrains squeeze every drop of traction out of today’s active suspension designs.