StanRidge Speed Bikes, Columbus OH - Inside the shop

Adam Eldridge, the owner of Stanridge, was heading in to do some work and asked if I was able to stop by. The shop is in a non-descript warehouse behind door number 4 located across from the Audubon park on the Whittier peninsula. After wandering through the halls past other small businesses and storage areas you are pleasantly underwhelmed. A customer's road bike with a beautiful paint job from Delicious Mixtures was waiting to be picked up and a test bike was sitting outside the office.

I have never seen a bike builders space so I was expecting a huge warehouse with tubing and equipment and such. His workshop is small because he does almost all the work by hand and everything is in its place. Lugs, tubing and tools were all stored away. The most prominent equipment in the space is the jig for laying out tubes at the appropriate angle for the frame type. I was given the tour of the jig to better understand how the frames are put together and how lugs/fillet brazing comes into play.

If your body proportions defy normal stock frames, i.e big and tall or female, you should definitely give him a call because sometimes a custom frame is the only style that a person can ride comfortably. Or, if you are in the market for a custom bike frame give Adam a call at 614.406.7678 or email him at This is his full-time job now, and he is able to accommodate any number of frame styles including track, single/fixed gear, touring, racing and custom additions to frames. Check out the pics for the custom rack he added to an existing frame for a customer.

[StanRidge Speed website]


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