6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder) via Etsy

6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)
6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)6 Pack Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)
Originally designed by and for a Hardcourt Bike Polo aficionado, we since learned that this useful item can hold all kinds of things to your bike - why not a six pack?

This product was burned by bikesnobnyc! http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com/2010/07/throwing-down-your-arms-time-and-place.html

As a frame cinch, this secures just about anything somewhat narrow to your top tube - the strap is adjustable to hold variably sized items.

As bike polo mallet holders, these bundle together mallet cues and secure the mallets to your bike's top tube. Bike polo tested and approved! Besides being devilishly stylish, the mallet cue holder will keep players honest on which cues they should use and organizes mallets so players can easily see which game is next. Check it out at: www.leagueofbikepolo.com/bike/bikescars/arroch

This listing is for one frame cinch/mallet holder -- please note that it takes two mallet holders to secure long items like the mallets (or a rake or a shovel...) to your bike.

Please indicate in your notes to seller if you plan to use these for bike polo or convo me and we'll provide sets in different colors to differentiate between the cues and work with you on making the right thing you need for your team.

As always, please convo me with any questions or special requests. 

Made with love in my workshop in Portland, Oregon.


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