Big Adventure. Small Wheels.

In 2009, we sold everything we owned to travel the US on bicycle. We pedaled 10,000 miles over 15 months. It was an exploration of simple living, human connection and the amazing potential of the bicycle. We shared our adventures online, gave presentations about bicycle travel, organized overnight bike tours and met hundreds of incredible people. On May 15, 2011, we will head back on the road to re-imagine the All-American Road Trip and film the unique stories and places we discover.

Big Adventure. Small Wheels.

Our next project is about re-imagining the All-American Road Trip, with a journey across the United States that combines Brompton folding bikes and the train. Bromptons (English-made 16-inch-wheel folding bicycles) may be unlikely long-distance touring bicycles, but they are a perfect compliment to the train. We believe that the combination of bikes and trains is under-utilized as a means of contemporary travel. With gas prices threatening to climb ever higher, we want to show that multi-modal travel within the US is a viable and enjoyable way to travel.

Trains + bicycles = freedom.


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