Blackburn Flea: USB or Solar Charging (Option)

- Ultra compact rechargeable Li-Ion headlight
- Uses four super-bright White Nichia® LED’s
- 40 Lumen output
- USB smart charger
- Flexible and compact mounting system
- Standard, Overdrive and Flash modes
- Superlight at 17 grams
- 3 hour runtime steady, 5 hour runtime flash
- Compatible with Solar Charger (available separately)
- LED fuel gauge/charge indicator
- Available in 6 colors

- Charge your FLEA via computer or by sun
- Includes USB charger AND solar charger
- Solar panel is capable of fully charging FLEA in
5-6hrs of full sun
- Solar panel will charge some other rechargeable devices


  1. Interesting concept, wonder how it compares to other lights... is it a "be seen light" or a "to see by" light?

  2. Interesting concept. Cost? What would it be positions as/against?

  3. I found them online for about $30. 40 lumens would be a light to be seen. If riding around town on lit streets it would help you see better.

    Knog has lights in this range as well. Cateye does too.


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