A call to [use your] arms to cleanup the ENTIRE Olentangy Bike Path [Green Columbus]

I'm writing today with an invitation to help us get the entire Olentangy Bike Path cleaned of litter for Earth Day. It looks like we are on our way to having it covered from it's southern most origin to just past OSU and we are looking for help to finish it up through Worthington. Typing  "Olentangy" into our worksite database filter will show you what is already covered.

My specific requests to you are 1) consider becoming a worksite host for some section of the bike path in the Clintonville or Worthington area; and, if not of interest...2) consider registering to volunteer at one of the existing (or soon to be registered!) clean up sites along the path.

Here is a link to our Get Involved page which includes a link to FAQs on being a worksite host (which costs nothing and comes with perks such as a celebration booth discount) as well as a link to register to volunteer.

Thanks for reading and considering!

Happy Trails,


Erin Chacey
Director, Green Columbus
cell: 913-909-9838

Earth Day 2011: Lighten Up!
Learn more: www.lightenup2011.org


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