eebrake: Lightweight, Powerful & Precise Control

The New eebrake

The new eebrake builds on all the great features and performance of the original while making improvements 

in many areas. Every part has been evaluated for improvement potential. In the eecycleworks tradition, we 

have done everything possible to make the best brake even better.

The overall geometry has been changed to accommodate the wider rims that are popular today. 

The new eebrake will work with rims from 18 mm to 26 mm in width.

The leverage has been fine tuned adding slightly to the brake’s power and providing that power more 

consistently through the brake’s operating range. The leverage of the new eebrake is optimized to work 

all the current levers including Shimano 7900. This refinement makes installation slightly easier as well

The arm, bridge and axle components have been refined to provide greater strength and stiffness without 

adding weight. Increased stiffness improves braking power and modulation. Increased stiffness improves 

braking power and modulation.

The cable adjust assembly has been redone to provide more graceful cable alignment and simplify the parts 

while making them more beautiful and lighter. The new design is easier to operate with your fingers due to the 

enlarged adjustment nut. This new design allows the cable housing to extend to lower tip of the cable 

adjustment screw eliminating the added friction and complexity of the traditional design!

The eebrake set new standards by which all other high performance road brakes are judged. The new 
eebrake just raised the bar again!


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