Has anybody ever seen a Dunlop valve on a bike? [Definition via Wiki]

The Dunlop valve, (also called a Woods valve or an English valve) is a type of pneumatic valve stem in use in Japan,[1] Czech Republic, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Finland, Sweden, and developing countries. It has a wider base than a Presta valve, similar in size to a Schrader valve, but it can be inflated with Presta valve adapter.[2] The inner mechanism of the valve can be replaced easily, without the need for special tools.
[Definition via Wiki]


  1. I have seen them on two bikes from Korea, and recently had someone describe one to me and wanted a replacement. I handed her a Schraeder tube, they are the same hole diameter, and available in North America. This is my only experience with them in my 7 years working in shops. Also known as Austrian Valves, by the way.


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