Springfield 200k Brevet Recap 03262011

Ohio Randonneurs 200k Brevet
Bill, John, Tim, myself rode as a group
Taylor Kruse and Andrew Hall also were on the ride, but rode their own pace
Bill and I ended with 129 miles
Averaged 14mph
Time in saddle 9 hours: 14 minutes
23 degrees at start (water bottles iced up) peaked at 41 and when we ended 34 degrees
10mph headwind from north and northwest with 17mph gusts
First 17 miles and last 48 miles into the headwind
Tim flatted at 5 mile mark, subsequent slow leaks forced him to withdraw around 40 miles
4080 feet of climbing, Max grade 13%
Towns we passed through - Urbana, Wilburforce, Yellow Springs, Xenia, Waynesville, Springfield

Some of the foods consumed - twinkies, a lot of coffee and gatorade, water, pringles, 5 hour energy drink, red bull, NOS, hot dogs, barbecue potato chips, power bars and granola bars, mcdonalds, hardees, peanut butter cheese crackers.

Quote of the day by John when we stopped at Caesar Creek dam for the info control stop - "Is that a brown bear out in the field", as he pointed to a person bent over searching for fossils standing next to another person.


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