Bryton: A competitor to Garmin? Maybe.

Bryton Rider 30 Cycle GPS

Innovative GPS Cycling Computeriplay GPS - Bryton Rider 30 Cycle GPS

  1. With high-sensitivity GPS, Rider 30 displays location, direction, speed and distance accurately.
  2. 6 customizable data screens with 30 data fields to be personalized for your activity preferences.
  3. Pinpoint changes in elevation with the barometric altimeter.
  4. Clear sunlight readable display for outdoor activities.
  5. IPX7 waterproof and shockproof design for tough conditions.
  6. Workout with My Buddy™ keeps you motivated to achieve training goals.
  7. Multiple training modes to set goals and create training plans.
  8. 35 hours battery life.

Training Management for the Rider 30

Provide personalized training programs, monitor your training progress and analyze detailed ride statistics like altitude change, calories burn and more.
Bryton Rider 30 Cycle GPS Training Analysis

Graphic Analysis of the Rider 30

Your recorded logs of courses, workouts and saved rides with speed, slope, heart rate*, cadence*, altitude and other attributes will be analyzed and displayed with clear graphic charts.
* HRM or Speed/Cadence Sensor is required

Bryton Community

Among Bryton GPS users, you can share training experiences, receive useful fitness tips and enjoy games and team competition
Bryton Rider 30 Cycle GPS Community Sharing

Bryton BridgeTM

Through Bryton Bridge™, you can easily upload and download workouts, rides and routes to/from With Auto-Update feature, your Rider 30 is always updated with the latest software.


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