Do you want to install fenders on a disk brake bicycle frame? Try Jandd adapters

Disc Brake Adapter for Racks and Fenders

Disc Brake Adapter for Racks and Fenders

Product ID: FDBFA
These handy adapters will allow you to mount a rack on bikes where you must have clearance from disc brake calipers or other accessories. Simply screw them into the same holes on the dropouts you’d use for rack or fender bolts. They’re made from special hardened aluminum stock with a threaded steel insert. Best when only torqued to the same degree as rack bolts. And, don’t forget to use your “blue” Loctite for best results. Can be used single sided or double sided. The pegs are about .75" long. We can custom make longer pegs if required. Sold in Pairs.

Weight 1oz
Color Silver


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