Farfarer Bike Trailers and Racks


Farfarer: [fahr-fair-er], noun
1)One who travels far.
2)A trailer and rack building enterprise based in Santa Cruz, Ca
Our goal is to make sensible equipment to allow you and your bicycle to have a nice time together, at home and on the road. We have found bike touring that a healthy dose of minimalism combined with smart weight distribution and flexible cargo options makes  for comfortable and fun riding day after day, week after week, riding solo or in a group.
For that dose of minimalism, We have been inspired by the PCT thru-hikers and the amazing array of handmade and DIY gear that is to be found on the internet. 
We are building bicycle trailers and racks by hand in Santa Cruz CATrailers : Handbuilt, seatpost mounted, single wheel bike trailer
Racks: Front rack with top platform and low-rider support


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