Moots Comooter

If urban cycling is your passion and using a bike to commute to work, run errands or battle C02 emissions is part of your everyday life, the Comooter is your high performance, finely crafted tool for the job.  This fully built bike (also available as frame only) is dialed in to make your commute a joy, day and night. Built around 700c wheels, nothing but top-shelf components grace the fully built Comooter to assure you don’t need the roadside assistance those 4-wheeled commuters might need. Built in 4 stock sizes with customs always available. 
Intended use: For the high-performance commute or running your errands in absolute style.
Moots Pi Tech 3/2.5 CWSR seamless tubing
Available as complete bike or frame only
High-performance commuting bicycle.
4 stock sizes
Custom geometry available
Based on 700c wheels.
Slider dropout for easy chain tension adjustments
Two water bottle locations for the long commute
3 stock sizes ranging from 53.5cm to 58cm.
Limited lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials