Outlier Workwear Pants Iteration Two [Ride em to work]

Hardwearing, comfortable, tough and honest. A rugged pant designed to work (and look good working) in a wide variety of situations. 

The Workwear Pants are made with our Doubleweave Canvas, the strongest and most durable of our fabrics. It's got a Cordora grade nylon exterior, yet the interior is brushed soft with a great breathability making it incredibly comfortable. The canvas face drapes well and has a great dullness. That basically means this is a really good looking fabric, you can pull it off in the office, yet it performs well enough to take to the backcountry. 

Wear these 360 days a year. Day in and day out they hold up strong and stay surprisingly clean. The gusseted crotch, curved waistband and parabolic sideseam ensure they move as well as they fit. The cut is true to size and a medium lean in the leg. If you own a pair of iteration one Workwears please note that this version fits about a half size smaller and has a shorter crotch rise. When first putting on the pants, you'll notice that they relax out nearly half a size over the course of an hour or so to the perfect fit.


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