'Scandal'bars bike bust [NY Post]

The city is dying for a few good cyclists -- but handbag owners need not apply.
A Nightingale-Bamford School executive was pulled over by a cop while cycling on Columbus Avenue and slapped with a ticket for -- of all things -- pedaling with a tote bag strapped to her handlebars.
Claire Lecomte du Nouy, 38, the dean of students at the exclusive prep academy on East 92nd Street, said at first she thought the cop was just yanking her chain.
Having ridden a bike for five years in New York, Lecomte du Nouy said she couldn't understand how the city -- which is supposedly trying to encourage cycling -- would hit bike riders with frivolous tickets.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/scandal_bars_bike_bust_UVXlnlr4lMXoSRmsH4GagN#ixzz1JoE8VIlK


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