Awesome Handmade Adventure Touring Bags

Revelate Designs: "Bikes Turned Up to 11"

Alaska-based Eric Parsons has a passion for adventure cycling, where you go off-road for days at a time and carry everything you need. This entails strapping lots of gear to your bike. In 2007, Parsons made our favorite type of transition, from user to creator:

After years of experimenting with different setups for hauling multi-day loads, it was clear that a frame bag—tailored to fit within otherwise unused space—offered a highly functional way of carrying heavier items, such as foods, tools and water.

With an industrial sewing machine in a basement apartment, Eric began producing burly frame bags for fat-tire snow bike riders, including those racing the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska. Demand for the bags grew, and after a short three months Eric left his engineering day job behind and devoted himself to designing and sewing bags for others who shared his adventure biking drive and needed functional, lightweight gear.

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