Debrett's cyclist etiquette guide for London canals [via BBC News]

Little Venice on Regents Canal Regents Canal is the busiest canal in London
Cyclists are being asked to adopt Victorian-style manners and make sure they "ting ting" when approaching pedestrians on London's busy towpaths.
British Waterways said complaints from pedestrians and cyclists sharing Regents Canal led it to issue a guide from etiquette authority Debrett's.
The guide asks walkers to give way to cyclists and riders are reminded to "smile" and say "a polite thank you".
A Victorian-themed event marked the launch of the guide at Regents Canal.
The British Waterways, which first launched Two Tings campaign in 2007, said its research showed people consider Victorian age as the most polite era and it decided to prepare a code of conduct and had now decided to call in Debrett's.