Park Or Ride: A Bike Lane Divides Brooklyn

When the weather's good, Aaron Naparstek likes to pedal his two young kids to Hebrew school on a special Dutch-made bicycle. It has a big wooden box in the front where the kids ride.

The ride takes Naparstek across Park Slope, Brooklyn, to Prospect Park West — and what might be the most controversial bike lane in America. Naparstek, who's also the founder of the website Streetsblog, supports the new lane.

"The bike lane on Prospect Park West is introducing a lot of new people to the idea that it's possible to use a bike in New York City for transportation to run an errand," he says. "This is what 21st century New York City looks like."

Prospect Park West looks like a grand 19th century boulevard — Brooklyn's answer to Central Park West. But where it used to have three lanes of car traffic, now it has two — plus a protected bike lane...

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