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Letter of the week

May 17, 2011

In the pre-released RR43 that we/I nearly immediately recalled due to something I don't want to talk about, but no huge deal, no shame, no embarassment, no French faux pas, nothing like that....it was more of a loose lips thing....anyway, in that issue---which ought to be mailed by June 2 if Dave's and my meeting goes well today--there was an article about the troubles that come from having a guy accompany a woman as she shops for a bike. How the guys tend to interfere and tick off the salespeople, and how frustrating it can be when the guys, in general, are the mouth and filter for the perfectly adult and competent women.

I believe all that stuff, because we've seen it here, and back when I worked Normal Retail I'd see it all the time, too. But what I wasn't accounting for in the RR43 piece, and which I shoulda known or realized, is that not all salespeople in bike shops are fine fair objective friendly robots. Some steer customers the wrong way. I should have noted that, because we see the results all the time, but maybe I was giving the shop guys too much credit, maybe as an anti chest-thumping gesture here.

Fortunately, I got this letter, which speaks to the stuff I didn't: