TOSRV 2011 Ride Recap

The group - Ray, Tim, Bill F., Brett, Andy R., John D., Dylan, Katie, Molly, Brent, Mitzy, John C, McClain, Ashley
We passed/saw Shelee and Tricia/David riding on their tandem
Joined paceline - Lauren and Kelsey (please comment/contact me to correct) and Kristy and Russ Yonyon towards the end as we came into Columbus.

Saturday, May 8
106.89 miles
16.4mph average

Light headwind @5mph (gusts to 15mph from S)

Andy flatted a few miles from Circleville and rode in on a flat. He purchased a new tire/tube.
A participant was riding a penny farthing from Columbus to Chillicothe.
Started to light rain in Waverly and we geared up, but it held off.

We had dinner at Toro Loco Authentic Mexican and it was great. I had the burrito grande which filled a platter big enough to hold a Thanksgiving turkey (see pics).  

  • We setup camp at the stadium in the rain, plus a football game was in progress. Four local kids wandered through the parking lot as we were setting up and asked if we were camping. We told them that we were indeed camping. Their response? "That's retarted". Lovely kids in Portsmouth.

    Once it cleared up we walked into town and visited a few bars. The highlight was the Dickens Pub because of the atmosphere, beer on tap and a live band was playing. Around 1am a thunderstorm blew through and a lightning strike hit within a few hundred feet if not closer to our tents. It rained for at least an hour pretty solid and we woke up to soaked tents. After we broke down camp we headed to Bob Evans for breakfast which ended up being so-so and really slow. Because the service was so slow we didn't make the cutoff point for the rest stops.

    Sunday, May 9
    104.71 miles
    15.6mph average
    Light headwind @5mph from N
    Tim flatted leaving Portsmouth. Brett was running late from the restaurant and proceeded to pass us as we were fixing Tim's flat.
    Ray flatted from a staple puncture outside the protection belt area
    Ray flatted again coming into Chillicothe. It seems as though the tire pinch flatted and blew the tire off the rim.
    McClain broke a spoke in Circleville
    Four riders joined our paceline heading into Columbus. We called our group Team Bob Evans because we realized everybody in the group was subjected to the lousy service and were late getting out of town.