Tour Homes for Sale by Bike! Columbus WheelTours

Like to Bike? Thinking of buying a home? 
Join us to tour great homes in Columbus' most scenic neighborhoods!
We start at a local park, then trek out to visit 4-5 homes. Doing a home tour on a bike lets you see the neighborhood from an intimate perspective that you won't experience elsewhere!
You don’t have to be looking for a house to join this event. It’s always fun to look, right? The Sellers are taking time to get their house prepared for us to see so a great way to repay them is to share photos of their home on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Maybe one of your friends IS looking? That way, it’s a win/win and we can keep having these events. Free advertising for Sellers…and you get to checkout some sweet cribs & get some exercise too.
Here is a list of dates for future events. For up to date info regarding WheelTour events, stay tuned to or "Like" Rare Breed on Facebook.
Events start at 9 am.
May 14th – Westerville
May 28th – Victorian Village
June 18th – Worthington
July 2nd – Grandview
July 16th – German Village


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I really appreciate it! These events have been a lot of fun and I love Victorian Village so this Saturday should be a really good time. Thanks again!


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