Wanted: The Raleigh Rush Hour, A Stylishly Bare Urban Bike

Rather than imitate the city-bike aesthetic, Raleigh has chosen to give riders a coloring book with wheels.

Urban cycling is a tribal sport in New York and London, but you have to admit: The most rakish of urban bikes have a little bit of Detroit in them. Messenger bikes are typically once-high-end performance machines hardened by rust, paint, grime, and hacksaws; bikes which are shells of their former selves but seem faster and meaner for it.

Done in the messenger style, the Raleigh Rush Hour is an urban bike in blank form. Fresh white, wood, silver, and trimmed with thick leather on the seats and bars, this bike begs to be settled into and utterly dogged. If you've ridden this thing for more than a year without plastering it with stickers, petroleum grime, and a few hammer-headed dents, it will probably get stolen by someone who will. $800 from a local shop; find a dealer at Raleigh.com.

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