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Spend some time cycling and passion has a tendency to take over. Sometimes that passion is all about the benefits of cycling. Other times it spurs the need to participate in cycling events or to lend a voice to issues that impact cycling, like safe streets and bike paths. Don't believe us? Check out some of these awesome national and state organizations created by ordinary bike enthusiasts just like you who are making a difference in the world.

LAB Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Status for City of Columbus - Tricia Kovacs, a Yay Bikes! board member wrote and submitted the application eventually accepted by LAB.
Updates to the Ohio BMV drivers test -
The Ohio BMV has informed the Ohio Bicycle Federation they are revamping their drivers test and will use the OBF suggestions for the bicycle related questions. Thanks to Tricia Kovacs of OBF (and Yay Bikes!) for her successful work with Ohio BMV in making this happen!
Cycling safety grant from ODOT -
The Ohio Departments of Transportation and Public Safety have awarded Yay Bikes! a $150,000 grant to provide a cyclist safety campaign for OSU students  this fall! The campaign is designed to reduce the number of car/bike crashes on campus and within the University Area by addressing the specific behavors known to lead to crashes. It will include:  
  1. Data collection and analysis of unsafe bicycling and driving behaviors, and bike/car crashes
  2. A research-based mass media safety campaign targeting specific behaviors
  3. An "onslaught" of bicycling education classes, workshops, rides, volunteer experiences, etc.
  4. Lights handouts for ill-equipped bicyclists
There are volunteer and internship opportunities associated with this project; we also request financial support to help YB! develop organizational capacity as we implement the campaign. Please contribute in any way you can! And please give BIG props to all the people at ODOT, ODPS, OSU Transportation & Parking, and MORPC who worked so hard to make this campaign possible -- there are many unsung heroes out there who care about us cyclists!


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