Brooks at the 2011 Retro Ronde [Brooks England]

He talks the talk. Does he walk the walk? Or is it the other way round?
Instead of the antipasti and vino rosso of Siena’s L’Eroica, it’ll be moules frites and lashings ofheavily fortified beer this coming Sunday, when devotees of that exotic and near-extinct breed of cyclist, The Flemish Hardman gather in Oudenaarde, Belgium to pay rolling hommage over the potentially (but hopefully not) slippery cobblestones of the Flandrian countryside.
The Retro Ronde has been going since 2007, and Brooks is once again an enthusiatic sponsor of the event. Participants ride their choice out of two routes; the 40km “Jaunt”, or the slightly more taxing 70km “Cold, Wet Hell on Two Wheels”. Though maybe those could be translated differently; our Flemish is a little rusty.


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