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Bikes that are cool, bikes that are retro, bikes that make people drool, bikes that exemplify class. I like older road bikes from the 70’s and 80’s because they are simply designed and built to last with great colors and less flash. I design bikes with classic color schemes and the appropriate amount of flair, I want people to compliment you on your bike. That new bike feel comes from the components; tuning up a bike with a new chain, cables, and wheels make it ride like a brand new bike.
I want people to commute on a bicycle and use it for transportation, not just riding around for fun. I want to make them affordable and ride like a brand new bike that would cost twice the price. Big body cruising bikes and fat tire mountain bikes can slow down your speed on the road. These older road bikes are made to go fast; by adding a set of comfortable bars and new components I can create the perfect commuting bike and save these bikes from going to a land fill or collecting dust in a garage.
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