Global Bicycle Race: The longest, toughest, most dramatic adventure competition ever.

On 18th Feb 2012, the 18,000 mile Global Bicycle Race will begin in London.

The Concept:
To encourage 2012’s world tourers and world record attempters to start from the same place at the same time. The riders, press, and public at large can then compare progress and experiences as the challenge unfolds. Few constraints will be put on the riders; they’ll simply follow the Guinness World Records criteria for a circumnavigation. Route choice is down to each rider, they just have to travel 18,000 miles (29,000 km) around the world carrying GPS trackers so we can follow their progress.
Riding in to the sunrise in Kentucky
Where and when?
The start/finish will be in Greenwich Park, London – the prime meridian and home of Greenwich Mean Time. The winner should ideally finish just before the start of the 2012 Olympics (27th July). To this end the race will start 160 days before the Olympics on Saturday 18th February 2012.
Who will do it?
Men and women with a hunger for adventure and a background in cycling or multi-sport challenges. These are inspiring individuals both physically and in character. They will need significant funds of their own or generous sponsors as world travel can be expensive. They will be motivated by the challenge/travel/competition, and to be one of the first to ride the historic Global Bicycle Race.
Geoff Thomas presents Vin Cox with the Guinness World Record certificate
Based on Guinness World Record’s rules for Fastest Circumnavigation by Bicycle, participants will start together in London and race around the world returning to the same point to finish. Live tracking on the race website should be gripping and accompanied by reports of conditions from the riders. Winners may claim the Guinness World Record currently held by race organiser Vin Cox (163 days).
Who will be interested in it?
Armchair adventurers, people interested in travel, adventure, cycling, or outdoor leisure. The cultural diversity which the participants will encounter will capture the imagination of many, while at the same time the massive physical achievements will inspire. A lot of press interest and internet traffic is expected.
During the 163 day World Record circumnavigation, Vin Cox enjoyed this beautiful sunset in the Australian outback
Vin Cox set the record motivated “In search of adventure, in aid of charity, and in pursuit of a Guinness World Record”. Global Bicycle Race participants will probably have similar motivations. The whole endurance sport scene has been steadily growing and becoming more extreme. Events which 10 years ago were pure minority madness are quite main-stream now thanks to boundaries being pushed. The ultimate distance for any endurance race has to be around the world.