The LifeCycle Tree at Comfest courtesy of Pedal Instead!

How do we get people to act collectively, and change their habits? The LifeCycle Tree is the third of our experiments around driving collective behaviour through game dynamics, information visualization, and art. This time, we cast the act of biking not in the negative (“saving a tree”) but in the positive, and constructive: “giving life”.
To give life to the LifeCycle Tree, ride your bike to Comfest this year. Park at the corral, and receive a seed. Show the seed to the eye of the tree, and you will have added a leaf to its canopy. Come back over and over again (and on multiple days) and watch your leaf grow, flower, and bear fruit.
Or give life - almost literally - to the installation itself, by riding the attached bike powered generator,  thus charging its batteries and keeping it going for others to see.
This is a work in progress. If you’d like to help out, drop us a line.