Pedal Instead: A little history lesson to dispel some myths!

Pedal Instead is an internationally-acclaimed bicycle parking project in Columbus, Ohio. This project provides secured bike parking at various community events at no charge to cyclists. In addition to our bike parking service, Pedal Instead provides bicycle information, education and advocacy, working closely with other groups and policy makers in Central Ohio and beyond.
Pedal Instead has acquired numerous awards.  In 2009, we received local and international acclaim when WTS honored the corral with its Innovative Transportation Solutions award.  We have also accepted numerous competitive grants from sources as varied as the Columbus Foundation and ComFest. Funds are used to operate the project and add new innovations like our energy bikes allowing us to generate all the electricity needed to operate lights in bike corrals.
Pedal Instead began in 2006 as a project of Mayor Michael Coleman’s Green Team to provide community members with free, secure bicycle parking at large community events.  The program was managed by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department with the help of non-profits until 2008. In the midst of citywide budget cuts, the University Area Enrichment Association stepped up to take care of full time management of this project with loads of help from Yay Bikes!
Few activities suggest harmony with the world like riding a bike. Bicycling for transportation ameliorates poor health, environmental degradation, oil dependency, and financial strain associated with automobile travel. It permits community to occur between cyclists, their neighbors, and their environment. We encourage bicycle transportation as a means to a better life, and provide Pedal Instead to facilitate this. We believe people should experience the benefits of utilitarian cycling, and though Pedal Instead is simply tasked with parking bikes, we hope this project creates a context allowing this vision to become reality.