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Riding Hundreds of Miles, and Just Getting Started [NY Times]

Lars Klove for The New York Times
HAPPY WANDERERS Members of the New Jersey Randonneurs on the road.

A STEADY rain pelted the New Jersey back roads, and the sun had recently crested over Princeton and was just illuminating a small but hardy group of cyclists setting out on a 125-mile ride. In most cycling circles, the distance would be a major undertaking. For this group, it was a mere tuneup.
Lars Klove for The New York Times
Many of the members are training for a four-day, 750-mile ride in France in August.
That ride, known as the Princeton 200 for its distance in kilometers, is a brevet, or starting ride for the New Jersey Randonneurs, a group of long-distance cyclists who turn their cranks over as many as 250 miles in a day and work their way up to continuous rides with distances that might make a trucker blanch.
Editor's Note: I have ridden a 200k Randonneur and it is a ride that tests not only your physical, but mental abilities. If you can swing a 200k rando you might get hooked.


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