Third Hand is Moving...But Where?

Third Hand is growing beyond what we ever imagined, and we are looking for a new space.  If you are a realtor, know someone with property, or would like to help us fundraise, please think about volunteering on our Moving Committee.  We are looking for grant writers, property hunters, benefit organizers, private donors, etc...
We would love to stay in our neighborhood (Weiland Park/Italian Village) and double the shop space we have now.  We are looking for a building or warehouse with the following specs:
-At least 3000 sq ft.
-Under $100,000
-Garage bay ideally to bring in lots of bikes
-Climate controlled (to be able to use in the winter)
 We are not very picky about other details as our volunteer crew is ready to put in hard work to make the new shop perfect!  Ideally we will move in our slow season (this winter).  If you have any information or ideas, please get in touch with us at  Thank you!