Bike span over Scioto opens soon; link to Downtown still to come [Dispatch]

An M.P. Dory construction crew installs a railing on the bikeway bridge being built over the Scioto River beside I-670. It is to open on Aug. 15.
By  Molly Gray 
The Columbus Dispatch Sunday July 31, 2011 10:39 AM
A $2.1 million bikeway bridge connecting the Hilltop and the Scioto Trail is to be completed soon, but cyclists won’t be headed anywhere fast when they get to the other side.
The bridge, which took a year to complete, opens in conjunction with a road project that created bike lanes on Eureka Avenue and Harper Road on the Hilltop, connecting W. Broad Street to McKinley Avenue. The intent is eventually to connect the West Side to Downtown via the trail.
“It’s going to be a real nice loop from W. Broad to Downtown, all the way to (Lou) Berliner Park,” said Bradley Westall, greenways manager for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.
But it will be quite some time before cyclists can complete the stretch.